Amy aka Sassy

Amy is the choreographer and leader of The Butterflies.

She has been performing since the age of 6, learning a wide range of dance styles. She also spent many years singing professionally and has performed on stages such as Her Majesty’s and The Palace Theatre in London. 

From a young age she had always been taught to be beautiful and elegant when dancing and so after forming her own event management company, she decided to audition and put together her own Event Dancers in 2014 – The Butterflies.

She choreographs the routines and performs with the Butterflies. Her favourite routines are the carefully planned Feather Fan and Silk Fan Veil routines. “It’s always been important to me that The Butterflies have that WOW factor and our feather fans and other props are so important to our act. I love choreographing the patterns in the routine, the colours and the beautiful music. We wouldn’t be The Butterflies without these routines.”

Since starting her own Dance company 6 years ago and opening her own Dance studio 2 years ago, she has become a confident commercial choreographer. She is fondly nicknamed Sassy because she is never too shy to add a bit of sass to her performance! 

“Sexy, beautiful and confident that’s The Butterflies! And I couldn’t be more prouder of them.”

(c) The Butterflies Event Dancers