Holly aka Bubbles

Holly, who is better known in the Butterflies as Bubbles, was an original Butterfly and joined when it first started back in 2014.

She had a short break in 2018 and was extremely excited to rejoin in 2020! 

Holly has always loved performing and has danced since the age of 3 as well as being a regular to the stage in local musicals and pantos!

She works as an HR Advisor and recently gained her CIPD Level 7 qualification so she has brains as well as beauty!

Holly adores the beautiful costumes and wonderful array of routines that comes with being part of The Butterflies!

Nicknamed Bubbles because she is always bubbly and smiling! She is so beautiful that we struggle to ever find a non-photographic photo of her – that’s our Bubbles!

(c) The Butterflies Event Dancers